Clinical Psychology Career in Pakistan | Courses and Scope

Psychology is a better understanding of how social and biological pressures and the environment affect people’s thoughts, emotions, behavior, and thoughts. It can help individuals understand the impact of their own and others’ actions. Clinical Psychology is a branch of Psychology and covers a broad coverage across Pakistan. Clinical Psychology job opportunities in Pakistan are an exciting career option for students who have completed their studies in Psychology. Find out all details about a Clinical Psychology career in Pakistan, including courses, subjects qualifications, eligibility, pay, skills, and job sectors. Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology concerned with diagnosing and treating abnormal behavior, mental illness, and psychiatric issues. Clinical psychology integrates the research of psychology and the treatment of human problems, making it a fascinating career choice for those looking to be in a demanding yet rewarding area. Clinical psychologists who are psychotherapists typically employ a variety of methods of treatment when working with their clients. While some clinicians have particular treatment approaches, however, most use what’s called the “eclectic treatment approach.” This means drawing on various techniques to develop the most effective treatment plan for every patient.

Clinical Psychology

The human mind and its abilities are growing daily; life becomes more difficult. Everybody is racing in this race and not understanding the purpose behind it. A billionaire’s happiness isn’t guaranteed and isn’t able to define his true happiness, whereas a normal person can see his happiness to be the same way. In this confusion, every person is suffering from mental health problems. Also, when a pandemic strikes, every person’s life cycle changes. Many people were enthralled and engaged in imaginative things, but in the same way, many lost loved ones, which is a sign of another questionable mental state. To tackle the mental health issues we all face in our lives, Psychology is a major medical discipline that covers the entire spectrum under the same umbrella. Presenting situations also leads to different mental conditions such as loss of jobs (leads to Depression), loss of beloved (leads to separation anxiety/post-traumatic stress), and social isolation. A quarter of the global population suffers from mental health problems. According to the World Health Organization, “Depression is among the most prevalent reasons for disability. Suicide is the second most common cause of death for people aged 15 to 29. People suffering from severe mental health issues die early by as much as two decades earlier – due to a physical condition that is preventable”.

Clinical Psychology Career in Pakistan | Courses and Scope

Clinical Psychology Career in Pakistan | Courses and Scope

Clinical Psychology Scope in Pakistan

There is an enormous field of clinical psychology available in Pakistan. You can start your private practice or be employed in any other public or private hospital. If you cannot take the MDCAT but still wish to become a doctor, absolutely clinical psychology is among the most rewarding fields of study. A person with an education in BS clinical psychology or MS clinical psychology could easily become an investigator, criminal psychologist, doctor, instructor at any school or career center, writer, career coach, journalist, consultant, sports psychologist, etc. If you are interested in the field, you should never overlook the potential for clinical psychology in Pakistan.

Clinical Psychology Career in Pakistan

Clinical Psychology is the most significant field of Psychology because it is closely related to the practical aspects of the field. Clinical Psychologists attempt to evaluate and treat mental disorders and disorders of behavior. They can conduct practices in the field of clinical psychology. They are also known as Psychologists or Psychiatrists. Some are experts in career guidance for children in Pakistan. It’s a perfect job for females. I’ve personally observed how homeopathic remedies and Bach flower remedies can provide excellent and unexpected results when it comes to mental disorders. This is why I recommend to all students in clinical psychology to pursue both of these areas. The field offers a wide array of opportunities for career advancement in Pakistan. Clinical psychologists are usually employed in universities, hospitals as well as counseling as well as rehabilitation facilities. They also have the option of establishing private consulting companies.

Clinical Psychologist Job Opportunities in Pakistan

There are plenty of jobs available after studying clinical psychology in Pakistan that are always in demand in Pakistan, both the private and public sector for Psychologists. To have an enviable career and make your prospects bright, I strongly suggest you study clinical psychology because it is the most suitable field for women. Getting a job in the below-described private or public sectors is easy. Some suggestions for employment opportunities in clinical psychology in Pakistan are provided below.

  • Criminal Psychologist
  • Journalist
  • Researchers
  • Career Counselor
  • Social Psychologist
  • Lecturer
  • Member of Recruitment Teams
  • Subject Specialist
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Writer
  • Subject Specialist
  • Webmaster
  • Consultant
  • Private Practitioner

Clinical Psychology Programs/Courses

  • BS Clinical Psychology
  • MS/M.Phil in Clinical Psychology
  • M.Phil/MS in Child Guidance and Educational Counseling
  • PGD in Child and Adult Psychotherapy
  • Certificate & Diploma Courses for Doctors on “NLP and Hypnosis in Psychotherapy”
  • PhD

A higher degree in clinical psychology is the most effective alternative to MBBS and BDS. Clinical psychology integrates science, theory, and clinical knowledge to understand, prevent, and relieve psychologically-based distress or dysfunction and promote subjective well-being and personal development.

Clinical Psychology Subjects

  • Introduction to Clinical Psychology
  • Childhood Psychopathology
  • Developmental Psychopathology
  • NLP in Psychotherapy
  • Therapeutic Methods for Children
  • Neuropsychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Data Collection Methods
  • Child Psycho Diagnostic Assessment
  • Research Designs and Related Statistical Analysis
  • Clinical Case Reports
  • Adulthood Psychopathology
  • School Psychology
  • Therapeutic Methods for Adults
  • Health Psychology
  • Therapeutic Techniques in NLP and Hypnosis
  • Assessment of Adult Psycho Diagnostics

Clinical Psychology Employment Areas

  • Public Hospitals
  • Private Hospitals and Clinics
  • Mental Hospitals
  • Career Counseling Firms
  • Universities
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Electronic Media
  • Research Organizations
  • Armed Forces
  • Colleges
  • Civil Service Training Institutes
  • Public Service Commissions
  • Investigation Department of Police & Other Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Local & International Teams in all sports.

Clinical Psychology Career in Pakistan | Jobs Description

Clinical psychology is the mental field that offers ongoing and complete cognitive and behavioral health care for people and their families, as well as consultation with community and government agencies and communities, education, training, and supervision, as well as research-based practice.

Counseling Psychologist

Suppose you decide to pursue a career as a counseling psychologist. In that case, you might help clients improve their health by addressing the emotional, behavioral, and mental problems which have negatively affected their lives.

Business Field

Nowadays, psychology is becoming very well-known in the business world to understand the psychological state of customers and customers. Psychology is incorporated into the business world to assist in marketing their products.


If you have a doctorate (doctorate) in clinical psychology, you could be able to join the neuropsychology field. The field is focused on the brain’s processes and behavior. Suppose you decide to enter this field of study and pursue it. In that case, you will likely be employed at a trauma center for brain injuries and/or stroke patients, a hospital (in an emergency department for trauma), or a research laboratory.

Drugs Rehabilitation Center

Today, Psychologists play an important part in treatment centers throughout Pakistan, where psychologists treat addicts with addiction issues.

Child Psychologist

A very renowned area of psychology is child psychology. A doctoral degree in psychology could permit you to be employed as a child psychologist in schools, inpatient and outpatient treatment centers such as juvenile detention centers and clinics, mental hospitals, research laboratories, and private practices.

Clinical Psychology College Professor

If you are interested in working with people and instructing others, a job as a college clinical psychology professor is a good choice. Most psychologists have many years of experience in the field, whether in research or clinical.

Work with Government

The Pakistani government is also seeking assistance from psychologists to raise awareness of mental health issues affecting people’s mental health and keep their bodies healthy. The rate of drug abuse is on the rise in Pakistan, and it’s complicated for those suffering from addiction to stop their addiction. Psychologists play an essential role in creating an alcohol-free Pakistan. Today, people are aware that Psychologists are not just accessible to schizophrenics but also to regular people and those with minor problems in their daily lives.

Behavioral Health Psychologist

As a psychologist for behavioral health, you usually assist clients in group and individual environments in helping them overcome problems with their behavior, such as addiction. This means that your work isn’t just about counseling those you serve but helping them recognize triggers, develop coping strategies, and generally assist them in performing better. You can be an ob/GYN counselor with a master’s degree and discover various employment opportunities.

Families Consolers

Family consolers are available to deal with family conflicts that create various mental disorders within the family. Family consultation is becoming very well-known in the field of psychology.

Clinical Psychology Salary in Pakistan

As you are aware, the potential for Clinical psychology is expanding in Pakistan every day, so the demand for psychologists is rising. According to Pay scale, the average annual salary for Psychologists is about Rs.1200,000- around Rs.20,00,000. An experienced psychologist can earn the amount of Rs.25,00,000 based on their expertise and experience. Salary is determined by expertise and experience. Additionally, if you’re working at a top-quality organization, you can earn a hefty income and bonus. Apart from a job as a clinical psychologist can start private clinics and make an impressive amount.

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