Federal Insurance Ombudsman Career in Pakistan Requirements Jobs

Requirements for a Federal Insurance Ombudsman Career in Pakistan Guidelines for beginning a career as a FIO in Pakistan, including work prospects and benefits. The Federal Ombudsman’s Office is an independent, unbiased organisation that investigates complaints against the behaviour or operation of the federal administrative bodies. Ombudsman is a Swedish word that meaning “one who advocates on behalf of others.”
Here, we’ll provide information on the Federal Insurance Ombudsman of Pakistan. For information’s sake, the Insurance Ordinance 2000 regulates and governs the insurance business in Pakistan. In general, this ordinance prioritises all laws pertaining to the insurance sector.
It defends the legitimate interests of numerous policyholders. In our nation, Pakistan, these rules are reviewed on a regular basis so that the insurance sector may continue to grow. The Federal Insurance Ombudsman was established and is now in existence as a result of a separate chapter that includes the insurance legislation from 2000. This body provides swift justice to those who have been wronged.

Federal Insurance Ombudsman Career in Pakistan Requirements Jobs

Federal Insurance Ombudsman Career in Pakistan Requirements Jobs

Federal Insurance Ombudsman Career in Pakistan Requirements

A public advocate or ombudsman is tasked with protecting the public’s interests by looking into and resolving complaints of improper conduct or rights violations.
They take transparent routes in order to improve the responsiveness of their legal system. Giving assistance and justice to those who have been wronged is the organization’s mission statement. Both the city of Islamabad and the city of Lahore are regional hubs for this organisation. Additionally, several of its regional offices and centres are situated in different Pakistani provinces. Numerous parties with an interest in the matter as well as the regulatory organisations connected to the insurance sector in Pakistan have recognised this group. This body operates in a pro-active manner.

It has a number of qualified advisers who give it all of their effort and legal expertise. They operate with openness, efficiency, and just justice. Your success is due to the free justice you offer.

Within 60 days of submitting your complaint to this authority, the specialists will get in touch with you. The registered concerns are swiftly and comprehensively investigated by its hired professionals. They handle the process of investigating every complaint. You can monitor the progress of your filed complaints at your regional office or assistance office at any time during this time. This organisation has now witnessed a 200% rise in the area of its complaint registry and has resolved practically all complaints and issues.

Don’t forget that this organisation had a remarkable role in one of Pakistan’s most significant institutions. persons in Azad Kashmir, Punjab, and KPK are also filing complaints, along with other persons. Real issues and complaints from the public are being handled by this organisation, which is operated by active leadership.

Call the Pakistan Insurance Ombudsman’s hotline if you or a member of your group wants to file any legitimate complaints or claims. Your concerns will be formally resolved in less than the time limit of 60 days. The Federal Insurance Ombudsman will soon get further updates.

Federal Insurance Ombudsman Vacant Positions:

  • Advisor
  • Law Officer
  • Assistant Registrar
  • Stenotypist
  • LDC
  • Driver
  • Sweeper

Federal Insurance Ombudsman Jobs Employment Details

Sl. No. Post Name No. of Posts Age Limit Qualification
01. PS to Ombudsman 01 Post 65 years Retired Government Officer of BS-17/18 having at least 20 years of working experience as private Secretary.

How to Apply for Federal Ombudsman Secretariat Jobs:

  • A complete CV and a copy of it must be sent to [email protected] by all interested parties.
  • The deadline to apply is June 26, 2024.
  • Applications that are incomplete or arrived after office hours on the deadline for submission will not be considered.


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