Library Science Career Scope in Pakistan

Library Science certificate is ideal for the people who wish to work in data assortment and the board in a scholastic setting. A college degree in library science can plan understudies for section level vocations in educating and library the board or for additional review at the alumni level. Library Science Profession Extension in Pakistan Occupations Amazing open doors Necessities rule for get confirmations courses specialization with decision of best field in existence of Library Science certificate.

There are open doors in instructive foundations, schools, specialized establishments, custom curriculum’s organizations, colleges, every one of the commonplace and government divisions, banks, monetary association, logical and research association, public connection association, mass correspondence association, common and public congregations libraries, court libraries, emergency clinic libraries, confidential association, and partnership and so forth. All the above association and organizations offer extraordinary open doors for library science graduate.

Library Science Scope In Pakistan Career:

With the progression of time, there is a prominent change happened in the book perusing of individuals over the most recent couple of years because of more noteworthy developments and further reasons which prompts the interest in book perusing.

There is a tremendous requesting extent of library science in Pakistan. In Pakistan, there is an enormous number of libraries accessible at both public and confidential levels, which eventually offers you the chance of serving your administrations in the field of Library and Data Science.

Library Science Career Scope in Pakistan

Library Science Career Scope in Pakistan

 Kinds of libraries

  • National library
  • Colleges’ libraries
  • Universities libraries
  • Schools libraries
  • Public libraries
  • Special libraries

Career Options in Library  Science in Pakistan


  1. Information assistant
  2. Documentation assistant
  3. Library assistant
  4. Chief librarian
  5. Assistant librarian
  6. Classifier, cataloger, bibliographer, reference librarian

Library Science Degree

Those who desire to work in this field should choose the intermediate/A-level class’ optional library science paper. After completing intermediate school, one may pursue a B.A. with honours in library science or a postgraduate diploma from a university that offers this course of study. After a B.A. (pass), another option is an M.A. in library science.

The M.A. course lasts for two years, however if for whatever reason it cannot be continued, after completing M.A. part-I, one can obtain a B.A. with honours or a postgraduate diploma and find employment in this sector. It is possible to qualify for both the master’s degree and the M.A. programmes.

Job Opportunities for Librarian in Pakistan

 The number of libraries is steadily rising in light of the significance and effectiveness of library science. Throughout the nation, libraries are being constructed in all notable institutions. The following libraries are known to exist in Pakistan, based on the information currently available.


  1. Public libraries
  2. National centre libraries
  3. Libraries in the villages
  4. School libraries
  5. College libraries
  6. University libraries
  7. Special libraries

Universities Offering Library Sciences In Pakistan:

There are several top-notch universities in Pakistan that offer library and information science degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. Below is a detailed list of some of the universities.


  • Minhaj University (Lahore)
  • University of Sawat (Sawat)
  • Sarhad University of Science and Technology (Peshawar)
  • National Textile Institute (Islamabad)
  • Frontier Institute of Medical Science (Abbottabad)
  • Allama Iqbal Open University (Islamabad)
  • University of Karachi (Karachi)
  • University of Sargodha (Sargodha)
  • Institute for Social Policy and Research (Peshawar)
  • Vertex College of Science and Technology (Islamabad)
  • University of Baluchistan (Baluchistan)
  • The Islamia University of Bahawalpur (Bahawalpur)

Librarian Salary in Pakistan in 2024

Colleges and universities offer an extremely high level of libraries at the national, public, and private levels. There are several employment possibilities in these libraries that are constantly available all year round. If we discuss librarian salaries, we must come to the conclusion that a private librarian’s pay ranges from 60,000 to 400,000 while an officer in the Pakistani government’s 16th or 17th grade with a master’s degree in library science earns 200,000 to 600,000 or more. If you have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in library and information science, you may apply for any of the positions mentioned below with no reluctance and receive a competitive compensation.



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