Masters in International Relations Degree Jobs Career in Pakistan

Masters in International Relations Degree Jobs Career in Pakistan Introduction Subjects Literature opportunities scope requirements salary special courses guideline for Man, Woman, (Male, Female) along with eligibility test pattern selection procedure qualification complete information to start and choice Masters in International Relations program careers in Pakistan. An international studies major provides students with the core knowledge and crucial analytical skills that can help one to make sense of the international system and have an impact on government, business, and society well into the future.

Master in International Relations, students will explore the study that researches relationships between countries, on the whole and in much detail, involving roles of states, governmental and non-governmental organizations, academic and public policy fields, economics, international law, cultural studies.

If you want to become a journalist, diplomat, presenter, analyst or official, you must study international relations. International relations improve your vision on foreign affairs and current affairs. Both areas are very important for students who want to appear in any competitive exam. Today, diplomacy has become a science. Only those diplomats can perform well in the field, who have read the basic principles of IR. IR is superimposed on history and political science. But its scope is much broader than both. It is one of the most recommended topics for both men and women.

Political Science and International Relations Differs:

In Political science we study about the basic principles of politics while in IR we read implications of these principles in real world. So we may call Political science a theory subject and IR a practical subject.

IR increases your general knowledge a lot. A person with good general knowledge can appear in any exam or interview with confidence. Very rare students read IR as only few universities offers degree in this field in Pakistan, so still competition in this field is not very hard.Masters in International Relations Degree Jobs Career in Pakistan

Masters in International Relations Degree Jobs Career in Pakistan

Who Should Study International Relations

You should have analytical approach, interest in current affairs, general knowledge, History and Political Science. It is not a static subject so you have to remain in touch with global political changes and current scenario. That’s why you must have habit of study books, newspapers and magazines of your subject. International Relations is very easy and interesting subjects, which is taught from Bachelor level in Pakistan.

Career & Scope of Masters in International Relations

A broader vision of global changes will turn him into an analyst and writer of current issues. In journalism a person with an IR qualification is welcome. He can become a successful news anchor. In educational institutions you can teach History, Political Science, Pakistani Studies and IR. Your chances of erasing the general knowledge documents of PCS, CSS and PMS increase greatly. Nowadays, most government jobs are filled through the NTS test, which is a MCQ test.

Much of these MCQ is related to IR, History and current affairs. So you can erase NTS more easily than a normal student. It is recommended that you study international relations at least up to the M.Phil / MS level for better employment opportunities. If you want to join politics in the future, again Master in International Relations should be your first choice, since we are living in a global village where a politician may have to deal with foreign affairs as well.

Job Types For Masters in International Relations

  • Journalist
  • Writer
  • Foreign Affair Analyst
  • Defence Analyst
  • Anchor Person
  • Civil Servant
  • Lecturer
  • School Teacher
  • Politician
Jobs directly related to your degree include:
  • Civil Service fast streamer.
  • Diplomatic service officer.
  • Government social research officer.
  • Intelligence analyst.
  • International aid/development worker.
  • Policy officer.
  • Public affairs consultant.

Job Areas

  • Educational Institutions
  • News Papers and other Print Media
  • Electronic Media
  • Publishing House
  • Government Departments
  • NGOs
  • UNO and its different departments
Jobs where your degree would be useful include:
  • Charity officer.
  • Diplomatic Services operational officer.
  • Forensic accountant.
  • Human resources officer.
  • Local government officer.
  • Market researcher.
  • Marketing executive.
  • Newspaper journalist.

International Relations and M.A. in Diplomacy and Strategic Studies as well as Master of Philosophy in Political Science have been added to the traditional programs offered by the department. The subject of International Relations is one of areas of study within the discipline of Political Science.