MBA Engineering Career Scope in Pakistan

MBA Engineering Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Requirements salary special courses degree guideline for Man, Woman, (Male, Female) training along with test pattern selection procedure qualification complete information to start and choice MBA Engineering course in Pakistan for better future in Life. MBA gives an engineer the broader business knowledge to make strategic business decisions and to understand the full impact of those decisions. They need to be able to manage people.

Career & Scope of MBA Engineering or MBA+ME Engineering Dual Degree Program. We are receiving many emails from engineering students about the scope of MBA after BE. Today we shall discuss the career and scope of MBA Engineering or MBA+MS Engineering dual degree program in this post. M.B.A is the abbreviation of Master of Business Administration. After BE/BSc engineering in any field, it is highly recommended for you to go for MS. MBA Engineering is a path for those who want to get managerial or administrative post in their related industry.

Popular MBA Specializations to Pursue after Engineering
  1. MBA in FInance. An MBA in Finance is one of the most popular and highly opted specializations of an MBA.
  2. MBA in Marketing. There is a huge demand for engineers with marketing specializations.
  3. MBA in Human Resource Management(HRM)
  4. MBA in International Business(IB)
  5. MBA in Operations Management.

MBA Engineering Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Requirements

MBA Engineering Career Scope in Pakistan Jobs Opportunities Requirements

Those who want to set up their own industry in future must also get MBA Engineering degree. An engineer with knowledge about business administration can run a factory of engg very easily than a simple M.B.A degree holder. Technology and business administration is a deadly combination. As i have mentioned earlier that all engineers should get specialization in their field through MS degree too. So you have a very good alternative of MBA Engineering and MS i.e MBA+MS Engineering dual degree program. Its an ideal program for all BE degree holders. Even its a better option than MBA Engineering. Master degree in your own field will also increase the chances of getting quality job in your own field. You may also be able to launch your own Engg business.

Its a fact that engineers and technologist sell the iron (machinery) at the rate of gold just due to adding technology in raw material. Engineers are the experts of technology and they just need to learn the business administration techniques to sell their finish products. Dual degree will not only make you an expert engineer but also enable you to run a factory and market your products.

There is no alternative of this double degree program for engineers. Little hard work during this program will pay you in long run. Some colleges are offering this program online too but you should avoid such online engg institutes as it is not possible to teach engg education online. Majority of such institutes are fake and unrecognized.

Career & Scope of MBA Engineering or MBA+MS Engineering Dual Degree Program in Pakistan. Unfortunately in Pakistan no university offer MBA Engineering degree. Pakistani students will have to fly abroad for getting admission in such a useful and professional degree. Pakistani students with high dreams about their future must get admission in MS and try to get MBA degree through distance learning. They may also go for M.B.A Executive degree after getting job in their related field. Here is the list of recommended M.B.A degrees for engineers in Pakistan.

  • M.B.A Marketing
  • M.B.A HRM
  • M.B.A Supply Chain Management
  • M.B.A Finance
  • M.B.A Banking & Finance

So, getting a good job is another benefit of doing MBA after engineering degree. Engineers should get job experience in their field before going for MBA. This will help them analyzing the corporate environment, their interests, various business & management fields. We have written detailed articles on all above mentioned degrees.

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